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Anna Davies

Anna Davies is a personal finance writer who specializes in making personal finance relatable, understandable, and easy to apply to individual circumstances. Anna has more than a decade of experience writing personal finance content for Fortune 500 clients as well as consumer magazines.

As a solo parent, Anna understands how personal finance can be, and how decisions you make today can give you freedom and flexibility for the future. Anna is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor and enjoys volunteering pro bono in her community, helping individuals create a financial plan that makes sense for their future goals.

Areas of financial expertise

  • Personal finance

  • Loans

  • Credit cards

  • Term life insurance

  • Student loans

  • Budgeting


Bachelor of Arts, Major, English, Barnard College, Columbia University


Financial writer

Licenses and certifications

Certified Personal Finance Counselor® Fincert

You should know

In addition to her personal finance work, Anna has ghostwritten and collaborated on over a dozen New York Times bestselling titles. Outside of the personal finance world, Anna loves writing about the science of wellbeing, and is especially interested in the intersection between money and happiness. She believes that money is a tool, and that learning to talk about money, learn about money, and understand how to maximize the money you have — no matter how much or how little – is key to living a life that feels great.

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