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Jane Meggitt

Jane Meggitt is a longtime reporter and writer specializing in personal finance. She has the ability to break down complex financial topics and make them understandable to readers. Her work has helped guide people in making appropriate investment choices for retirement, college funding, and other objectives based on their risk tolerance and timeline. Jane believes firmly in Warren Buffett’s advice to never invest in a business you don’t understand.  

She is also a real estate investor and landlord who knows the credit score challenges potential tenants may face. She is dedicated to helping people build credit and improve their credit scores so they can achieve their goals.   

Areas of financial expertise

  • Credit

  • Credit cards

  • Loans

  • Mortgages

  • Personal finance

  • Real estate investing

  • Retirement planning


B.A., New York University


Personal finance expert

You should know

Jane is a former Jeopardy! contestant. Her retentive memory serves her well when researching and writing. Outside the financial world, she focuses on conservation issues and animal welfare.

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