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Jill Cornfield

Jill Cornfield is a personal finance journalist who believes anyone can get better at managing their money. She started as a copy editor at American Banker before joining a retirement services business-focused website. 

Learning about workplace retirement plans and financial advisors was eye-opening. Jill realized that she was in fact way behind on her own retirement savings! She then joined Bankrate as their retirement editor before taking on roles with CNBC, Investopedia, and Money. 

“We’re lucky to live in a time when there is so much focus on personal finance as a topic. If you didn’t grow up in a family that taught you about money, you can join an online group, read one of thousands of books, or get info from a reliable personal finance website. Greater attention to personal finance means there’s no shame in not knowing everything. You’re far from alone in needing to brush up your money skills.”

Areas of financial expertise

  • Retirement planning

  • Investing

  • Health insurance

  • Health spending and savings accounts

  • Personal finance

  • Budgeting


Bachelor’s Degree Hunter College, New York 


Financial editor

You should know

Jill has earned her living as a journalist for most of her life. As a general news editor and reporter, she covered a range of topics from community board meetings to campus protests at Cornell University. She entered personal finance at the height of the Great Recession as a copy editor at American Banker when community banks were toppling like dominos, the Consumer Financial Protection Board was formed, and Dodd-Frank was created. She found that money and finances are an integral part of everyone’s life, and she loves helping people learn how to manage their money. 

No one is born knowing how to manage their money. While American life has many opportunities and benefits, learning to handle finances is one of the trickiest things to accomplish. We all learn, and we keep on learning because there’s always some new strategy or situation we need to understand better.

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