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Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit is a financial wellness expert who frequently writes, podcasts, and speaks about various topics related to money. She has appeared as a professional writer, podcaster, and subject matter expert in numerous media outlets. Miranda presents workshops and seminars on various financial topics and appears on panels at industry events. She is also involved with the Plutus Foundation, a small national nonprofit aimed at helping independent personal finance content creators provide financial literacy education to underserved communities.

Miranda believes that financial wellness is more than just a number. She believes in using your financial resources to create a life you enjoy and offers mini-courses and workbooks designed to help others learn how to set financial priorities and take their first steps toward living in alignment with their values. Miranda’s freelance lifestyle allows her to travel multiple times a year and create a schedule that focuses on spending time with loved ones, serving in her community, and prioritizing self-care.

“I remember the times in my life when my spending didn’t match my stated values. Learning how to set financial priorities helped me focus my money resources on the life I want to live. Today, I’m passionate about financial wellness and how it fits into the rest of my life—and I can help you learn how to direct your resources in a way that enriches your own life.”

Areas of financial expertise

  • Investing

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Credit

  • Mortgages

  • Personal finance

  • Student loans

  • College planning

  • Loans

  • Small business

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Budgeting

  • Frugal travel


  • Master of Business Administration, Utah State University

  • Master of Arts, Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism, Syracuse University


Senior writer and financial wellness expert

You should know

In addition to writing and podcasting about money on the internet, Miranda is active in her local community, serving on three nonprofit boards, participating in local civic organizations and engaging in state-level politics. She loves reading, board games, traveling and spending time in the outdoors.

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