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Finances are stressful. And when they’re tight they can keep you from living your best life. But with Achieve as your partner, you’ll always have someone in your corner fighting for you and giving you the help you need. And we could all use a little (or a lot) more of that. Over the last 20 years, we’ve helped over a million people. These are some of their stories.

Member Stories

Featured story - Kevin Curtain

How Resolution helped Kevin move forward and pursue his real passions

From his earliest days, Achieve member Kevin knew that his career wasn’t going to involve the stability of a 9-5. His interests, his hustler mindset, and his passions led him to a life of creativity. 


The unpredictable nature of his freelance life meant that Kevin’s regular bills weren’t always matched with regular paychecks.  Like many Americans, Kevin turned to credit cards to cover his expenses when he was short, and before he knew it, he had accumulated nearly $20,000 of debt. When it was no longer possible to manage the debt chaos on his own, he made a call to Achieve. He worked with an expert, and together, they built out a plan and a custom solution, ultimately getting his debt back under control and eventually free of it all together. 


What started out as a nervous phone call evolved into a partnership that removed the burden of debt from his shoulders. With his finances under control, Kevin has been able to move forward and fulfill his creative ambitions with financial stability and is now pursuing a degree in entertainment law. 

My monthly bills 
were consistent, but my income checks were not

My monthly bills were consistent, but my income checks were not


Achieve’s solutions are built around your needs, not the other way around.

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