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See where your money’s going, make a smarter debt payoff plan, and get debt-free faster with the free Achieve GOOD™ app.

A dashboard showing a Get Out of Debt plan and their credit summary with FICO score and total debt.

See all your debt and spending1

Get a clear view of your money

Say goodbye to debt and overspending. Track your costs in one place, see where you can trim, and put that money toward paying down debt.

Smarter plans to be debt-free

Take steps to ditch debt for GOOD

Choose your own path with your custom debt payoff plan. Set spending limits and focus on paying off debts faster.

Insights personalized for you

Take control of your debt—and your life

Make smarter spending choices with tailored recommendations and insights. Stay motivated, know when you’ll get out of debt, and celebrate wins as you go!

Features you’ll love

Feel GOOD about your debt-free journey


GOOD stands for Get Out Of Debt, as the Achieve GOOD app provides you with a personalized, actionable plan to pay down your debt faster than the path you may be currently on.

First, we use a soft credit pull that does not hurt your credit score—so we get to know your debt balances. Then you can connect your accounts so Achieve GOOD collects all of your debts in one place to give you a personalized plan to get out of debt.

To help you plan to get rid of debt, we estimate how long it would take to pay off all your debts if you were to continue to make minimum payments. You can set spending limits and choose how much extra you want to make on your payments so you can see how much time and money you could save vs. making minimum payments.

We understand that getting out of debt is financially stressful, so that’s why the Achieve GOOD app is 100% free to download and use without a paid subscription. You can use the app to create a free self-managed debt plan that allows you to see all your debts and up-to-date finances (income, bills, savings, spending) in one place.

If you want to get out of debt even faster than the self-managed route, you can choose to enroll in one of our suggested debt solutions offered in the app. We make money through offering consumers a personal loan, home equity loan, or debt resolution only if you pre-qualify for these solutions to help you get you out of debt faster and improve your overall financial standing.

All financial information in Achieve GOOD is securely transferred using bank-level encryption to ensure your data is protected. We value your privacy so we don’t store your usernames or passwords from your bank accounts.

With the Achieve GOOD app, you can create your own self-managed plan to choose how to get out of debt faster.

  1. See where your money is going. First, you can use the Achieve GOOD app to get a clear view of your money. See how much debt you have and how you’re spending your money. Tip: connect all your accounts—bank accounts, credit cards, loans, etc.—to get the most complete and accurate picture of your finances.

  2. Use insights to make smarter financial choices. You’ll get personalized insights into all your debts so you can prioritize which debts to pay off first. You can see estimated timelines of when you could be debt-free based on how much extra you pay toward your debt. You’ll also get insights into your spending trends so you can make smarter spending choices like cutting out costs you don’t need (subscriptions, etc.).

  3. Put extra money toward paying off debt faster. By knowing where you can curb your spending, you can put that extra money toward paying off the debt you want to pay off first. We’ll give you estimates when you’ll be debt-free based on extra payments. If you want to get out of debt even faster than paying down debt yourself, you can choose to enroll for debt solutions you may pre-qualify for, including personal loan or debt resolution offers.

The more accounts you connect, the more you get out of Achieve GOOD to have a complete and accurate picture of your financial status. Any accounts you connect are kept secure using bank-level encryption. You can connect your various bank accounts, including almost 15,000 financial accounts like

  • Checking and savings accounts

  • Credit cards and prepaid cards

  • Personal loans, car loans, and mortgages

  • Student loans

If you share bank accounts with your partner or spouse, you can connect these so you can both track your debt and spending at the same time.

Tip: Be sure to connect your primary checking account where you deposit your paychecks.

The ability to add financial accounts to the Achieve GOOD app is dependent on a financial institution’s ability to share account information with our app. Most major financial institutions are available for connection.

Daily progress toward your debt-free goals

Track your spending without feeling overwhelmed. Know where your money is going today so you control your financial future.