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A unique debt solution built for homeowners


Consolidate debt

Pay off $15k-$150k in high-interest credit card debt and unsecured loans.


Save $800/mo on avg

You’ll only get an offer if we can save you at least $200/mo for debt consolidation.


Get a fixed rate 

Your rate will never change, so it’s easier to manage your budget.1


Lower monthly payments 

Free up cash each month with an affordable lower payment vs minimums.


Fast, flexible funding

Easily apply online or by phone. Get approval in minutes, funds in 15 days.1


Expert, personal help

A licensed Mortgage Advisor is ready to help on the phone or online.


Use your home equity to consolidate debt



The hidden gold mine in Jeremy’s home

“To dig myself into a hole, and then to be able to tap into the equity in my home to get myself out of that hole is the best feeling in the world.” 

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Make your home work for you


Borrow up to $150,000

Consolidate high-interest debt, improve your home, or cover a major expense.


More cash in your pocket

Members save an average of $10,000 a year.


No refi required

You don’t need to refinance or reset the clock on your mortgage terms.

Home equity loans basics

How does a home equity loan through Achieve work?

It’s a home equity line of credit. You can borrow money from it, pay it back, then borrow again during the first five years of your loan term.

Unlike typical home equity loans, we offer a fixed-rate HELOC. And we'll only offer you a home equity loan for debt consolidation if you can save at least $200 a month versus your current monthly minimum payments. To learn more, read our Responsible HELOCs Exist article.

Achieve HELOC

Fixed-rate interest

Savings of $200/mo+ for debt consolidation

Fair credit okay (min 640 credit score)

Funding within 15 business days

No early prepayment penalty fees

Traditional HELOCs

Variable-rate interest

Not guaranteed to save on monthly payments

Requires a good credit score

Funding in 30+ business days

May charge prepayment penalty fees

You can use a home equity loan for debt consolidation, including refinancing credit cards and unsecured loans. You can turn your home's equity into funds you can use to:

Improve your home: Fund a home repair or renovation at an interest rate lower than credit cards.

Save for a rainy day: Build up an emergency fund, or use your revolving line of credit for surprise costs.

Cover large medical expenses: Pay for expensive medical treatments, elective procedures, or big vet bills.

It’s fast, easy, and free to apply.


Apply online or with a Mortgage Advisor

Receive a pre-qualification decision in 2 minutes or less with our automated decisioning engine. Or if you’d rather chat with a real person, we offer a fast, free, and objective assessment of your eligibility.


See if you’re approved

You’re more than your credit score, so we take a holistic approach to determine your eligibility, which includes evaluating your: debt & income, home value, credit score (minimum 640), overall needs. There’s less paperwork than you expect. In most cases, a full in-person inspection of your home will not be necessary as we use an automated valuation system to determine your home’s value.

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Get a loan decision

If approved, you could close and receive funds in as fast as two weeks.

Home equity loan FAQS

No. Our home equity loan does not touch your first mortgage rate or term.

We offer flexible 10-year and 15-year terms. Both terms have a 5-year draw period where you can borrow as much or as little as you want up to your full loan amount.

A line of credit (“LOC”) is a flexible loan that you can tap into when needed. You can borrow money up to a predefined amount, pay it back, and borrow funds again—up to that amount—at any time during your draw period.

LOCs can be either unsecured (like a credit card) or secured by some form of collateral (like property). Secured LOCs typically come with a higher credit limit and lower interest rates—both major benefits.

The home equity loan that we offer is a unique fixed-rate home equity line of credit—also known as a HELOC. It’s the most common type of secured line of credit for consumers. The money you borrow is secured by your home. By owning a home, you give lenders a sense that you’re responsible, allowing them to loan greater amounts at lower rates.

Your home is simply there to provide security for the loan. It allows you to borrow more at a lower interest rate, even with less than perfect credit. Three really important (and reassuring) things to know. Our home equity loan:

Won’t touch your existing mortgage, leaving your first mortgage rate and term as is.

Won’t reduce the value of your home. In fact, if you use your funds to improve your home, your value could go up.

Will disperse funds FAST. Average time to funding is 15-18 business days.

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