What you should know

Our home equity loan is a unique fixed-rate home equity line of credit—also known as a HELOC. With this solution, you can establish a revolving line of credit secured by your home. You can borrow money from it, pay it back, then borrow again at any time during the first 5 years of your loan term. You can use it for large expenses or to consolidate up to $150,000 in high-interest debt.

The process is simple, secure, and streamlined.

  1. Submit an Online Application: Receive a pre-qualification decision in 2 minutes or less with our automated decisioning engine. 

  2. Optional Consultation: If you’d rather chat with a real person, we offer a fast, free, and objective assessment of your eligibility for our loan program. In most cases, a full inspection of your home will not be necessary as we use an automated valuation system to determine your home’s value.

Receive Funds: Close and receive funds in as little as two weeks.

So many ways. Let’s bullet point the big ones:

  • Low Fixed Rates

    • Achieve Loans offers home equity loans with rates that are fixed for the life of the loan, unlike most lenders whose variable rates can change month to month. Our home equity loans typically have lower rates than most personal loans. 

  • Real Rates, Not Teaser Rates

    • We don’t lure you in with too-good-to-be-true rates that you need perfect credit to qualify for. Our rates start low and stay low.

  • Fast Closing Speed

    • Our streamlined process means you can go from app to funding in as little as 15 days.

  • Surefire Savings

    • We will save you at least $200/month on existing high-interest debt or we won’t make you an offer.

    • The average member saves around $800/month on their existing high-interest debt payments. We’ll provide you with your projected savings up front when you apply. 

Those are the measurable differences, but they’re not the only ones. These two are no less important:

  • WHO Achieve serves — While many companies brag about what they do, we focus on who we serve. Our members are moms, dads, and recent grads. They are the working families, the overworked, the under-employed, and the gig workers. We help the strivers, the savers, the people left out by the wealth advisors, people unsupported by lenders, people seen as numbers by the credit card companies. Our members are homeowners who, in some cases, are struggling to make ends meet every month. Or they get hit by an unexpected financial hardship. Maybe their finances aren’t getting worse, but they aren’t getting better either. Often these people have been denied opportunities that traditional banks and financial institutions offer to consumers who are already stable and thriving. Others are making slow progress, but they need help to reach their goals faster, with more confidence, and with less stress. They don’t need traditional financial solutions; they need a new approach that provides critical expertise and personalized attention. Achieve helps these people in ways traditional banks and lenders won’t. We support their financial journey by providing access to appropriate financial products that create a path forward toward financial stability.

  • How Achieve does it — We focus on each individual and understand what’s working for them and what’s not. Whether someone is searching for financial products, getting real-time account access, or taking the next step toward their financial goals, Achieve offers education, tools, multiple innovative digital financial solutions, and empathetic, relationship-driven support. Our foundation is built on over 20 years of helping people across the entire credit spectrum, not just a select few at the top. Over that time, we’ve learned a lot about consumer behavior and financial habits. Our robust data and analytics give us unparalleled insight and understanding about how to help people recover from financial setbacks and get onto a sustainable path to a better financial future. That foundation enables us to pair sophisticated data modeling with consumer-friendly technology and a wide range of financial products to tailor a personalized approach to meet each member’s specific needs and goals.

We offer flexible 10-year and 15-year terms. Both terms have a 5-year draw period where you can borrow as much or as little as you want up to your full loan amount.

It’s a simple thing really, but it makes all the difference in the world. In keeping with our people-first philosophy:

  • We will save you at least $200 a month on your existing high-interest debt payments…or we won’t do business.

  • We will treat you as a human being—not a credit score or loan number—and act in your best interest every step of the way.

At Achieve, it’s not what we stand for, it’s who.