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Why consolidate debt


Combine bills into 1 easy payment2

Simplify multiple debts and payment dates with 1 fixed monthly payment.


Pay down debt faster

Get rid of debt sooner than paying minimums on high-interest debts.


Customize payment plans

Plan your terms, receive potential discounts, monthly savings, and more.

3 solutions to help consolidate your debt

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Member Voices

Consolidating debt

“My initial goal was to consolidate some high-interest credit cards and loans into one payment and to save interest, which I did. I mean, it was incredible!”

— Jeremy R., Achieve member, home equity loan

“Our loan enabled us to consolidate debt into a lower interest, single payment to help bring our debt under control…It made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that other people were dealing with similar things.”

— Leah M., Achieve member, personal loan

"Graduating from the program was a very up moment in life. My debt was gone.

— Kevin C., Achieve member, debt resolution

*Actual members. Members’ endorsement is a paid testimonial. Individual results are not typical and will vary.

Consolidate debt your way


Pay down your debts faster

Get rid of debt faster than making minimum payments.


Customized payment plan

Get in control of monthly payments, payment date, terms, and more.


Fixed monthly payments

Your payments will stay the same so there are no surprises.


Make debt paydown easy

Get support and guidance throughout the debt resolution process.


Good credit not required

Qualify for loan options with fair credit. You don’t need good credit to be eligible for resolution.


Personalized help

Get answers and help from expert consultants who care about your financial future.

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How does debt consolidation through Achieve work?

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation combines multiple debts into a single payment—so you don’t have to juggle multiple bills, interest rates, and payment dates. That means you can better manage your finances and worry less about missing payments.

How do I consolidate debt through Achieve?

You can consolidate your debts by applying for a consolidation loan. Or if a loan isn’t right for you, an alternative can be enrolling your credit card debt with Achieve Resolution to simplify your debts into one affordable payment.


Debt consolidation loans can reduce your monthly payments and can lower your interest rates compared to high-interest credit card debts.


Personal loans: Amounts range from $5,000 to $50,000. Our loan offers an interest rate discount if you allow us to use your loan funds to directly pay your creditors, apply with a qualified co-applicant, and tell us about your retirement savings.


Home equity loans: Amounts range from $15,000 to $150,000 for homeowners who want to tap into their home’s equity to pay down higher debt amounts—with minimum guaranteed savings for debt consolidation.


Debt resolution: While it’s not a consolidation loan, debt resolution simplifies your credit card debt—instead of keeping track of multiple payments every month. You can enroll several unsecured (no collateral) debts in the program totalling $7,500 to $100,000+ and then make only one affordable monthly program deposit.

How do debt consolidation loans work?

Here’s how debt consolidation works if you have a loan:

  • appy.png

    Apply: First, apply to see what debt consolidation option you qualify for. An Achieve consultant can help, or you can apply online on your own. Fill in the requested information so we can recommend options that fit your budget and your situation.

  • loan.png

    Choose your debt consolidation loan: If a loan offer is provided, select an offer for debt consolidation to simplify your debts into one payment. You can choose the best fit for you based on savings, terms, payment schedules, and more.

  • pay off debt.png

    Pay down your debt: After you’re approved for your loan, you can use the funds to pay down the debt owed to your creditors. Then you’ll make monthly payments to pay off your consolidation loan through Achieve Personal Loans or Achieve Loans.

How does debt resolution work?

As an alternative to debt consolidation loans, debt resolution helps resolve your debt through negotiating and settling with your creditors for less than you owe.

Here’s how debt resolution works:

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Start with a free debt evaluation

We’ll discuss your debt, goals, and options so you can make an informed decision. We’ll come up with a debt resolution plan that works with your income and expenses.

step 2.png
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Make one low monthly deposit

Rather than struggling to make minimum payments to your creditors, choose to make one low recurring program deposit instead. These affordable deposits will build funds for settlements and could help you free up extra cash each month. You’ll make these deposits into a Dedicated Account in your name.

step 3.png
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Reduce what you owe

Once enough funds are built up in your Dedicated Account, our expert team uses their 20+ years of experience to negotiate with your creditors to settle your debt for less than you owe. Our goal is always to get you the most savings possible. Most clients get their first settlement within 90 days.

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Authorize your settlement offers

When a settlement is reached with your creditor, we send the offer to you for authorization so payments can be sent to the creditor from your Dedicated Account. Settlements for all your enrolled debts will be fully paid off by the end of your program, in as little as 2-4 years on average. You can easily track the progress of your settlements with your online dashboard.

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Get rid of your debt

Once all the debts you enrolled in the program go through these steps and are fully resolved, you’ll be free of the debt and ready to focus on your life again.

Debt consolidation: Pros & cons

It’s important to consider your options for paying down your debt and decide whether debt consolidation is right for you.


May reduce payments with lower loan rates or debt resolution

Simplify debts into 1 monthly payment

Pay down debt faster than minimum payments

Pay debt easily with fixed payments


May not qualify for lower rates

Missing payments may impact credit

Credit scores below 620 may not qualify for loans

Costs & fees with consolidation loans and resolution

Debt consolidation FAQs

Achieve makes it easy to personalize your debt consolidation offer and your payment schedule to fit your budget.

You can customize your payment plan for personal loans, home equity loans, and resolution by choosing your:

  • Terms

  • Payment date 

  • Monthly payment amount

We understand you’re more than just your credit score so that’s why we check other factors besides your score, including eligible debt and state of residence. Whether you have “bad credit” or not, we look at your whole financial picture to evaluate whether you’re eligible for debt consolidation.

Personal loan

Eligible debt: $5,000-$50,000

Credit score: 620 minimum

Homeownership: Not required

Home equity loan

Eligible debt: $15,000-$150,000

Credit score: 600 minimum

Homeownership: Required


Resolution is not a debt consolidation loan. It’s a loan alternative that simplifies your debts into one monthly payment.

Eligible debt: $7,500-$100,000+

Credit score: You could qualify for Achieve Resolution even with bad credit

Homeownership: Not required

Check your eligibility to see which debt consolidation program is right for you. 

It’s important our members know upfront about our fees so they get the full picture of our solutions.

Debt consolidation loan fees

  • No fees for paying early. For debt consolidation loans, there are no pre-payment penalty fees.

  • Origination fees. We do include low origination fees for our personal loans that help cover the cost of processing your loan.

  • Other fees. These may include underwriting fees (where allowed by law), closing fees, late fees, and more.

Debt resolution fees

While you can simplify debt by paying one payment for all your debts for Resolution, this program does not consolidate debt like typical debt consolidation loans. Resolution works by experts negotiating your individual debt accounts to and settle your debt for less than you owe, so there are settlement fees.

  • No fees for enrollment. Your debt assessment is free and we don’t charge for enrolling in the program.

  • No upfront fees. You don’t owe us anything until you approve your settlement. 

  • Settlement fees. Resolution charges settlement fees based on your total debt enrolled. Don’t worry, our settlement fees are already built into your program deposit and are based on a percentage of your enrolled debt and state.

Daily progress toward your debt-free goals

See where your money’s going, make a smarter debt payoff plan, and get debt-free faster with the free Achieve GOOD™ app.