Dating and debt make for a complicated relationship, Achieve survey finds

Achieve's Valentine’s Day survey reveals consumers are spending less to show their love and talking about debt earlier and more often in their relationships

February 13, 2024

SAN MATEO, Calif., February 12, 2024 — While many consumers are spending less on gifts and experiences to show their Valentine’s Day love and affection, more are having the conversation about finances earlier in relationships, including talking about major purchases in advance, according to a Valentine’s Day survey by Achieve, the leader in digital personal finance.

Achieve’s survey found that a whopping 94% of respondents plan to spend less than $500 on Valentine’s Day gifts, with the majority (72%) purchasing gifts for significant others, 20% giving gifts to children, 20% purchasing gifts for friends and 19% buying gifts for themselves.

Achieve also asked consumers how they typically feel about their Valentine’s Day spending once the holiday is over and found nearly half of respondents are content with their purchases without getting carried away.


Chocolates or candies are still the gift of choice for Valentine’s Day, with 58% sharing their sweet tooth. Other popular gift categories include dining out (49%), flowers (37%) and jewelry (14%). The survey was conducted in late January 2024 by the Achieve Center for Consumer Insights, a think tank that publishes research and commentary from Achieve’s team of digital personal finance experts.

“Budgets are proving to be important for Valentine’s Day celebrations, with the majority of survey respondents looking to spend less than $500 for their gifts and experiences,” said Austin Kilgore, analyst for the Achieve Center for Consumer Insights. “Dining out or making a romantic dinner at home or giving gifts of candy, flowers or cards are great ways to show Valentine’s Day love without breaking the bank and we see most consumers selecting these options over pricier tokens like trips, experiences and jewelry.”

With 67% of consumers saying that they’re sticking to a tight budget for Valentine’s Day, it’s not surprising that 77% of respondents said they try to find deals and discounts on their Valentine’s Day purchases and 70% said they actively look for ways to save money on Valentine’s Day.


The survey from Achieve also looked at relationships and financial conversations and found that half of respondents (51%) think that people should discuss their debt and other aspects of their financial situation within the first year of a relationship.


While talking about debt is one side of the coin, hiding debt or spending is still part of many relationships. When it comes to hiding debt or spending from a significant other, 15% of respondents admit to having done this, while 20% said it has happened to them. Likewise, 38% said they would end a relationship if their partner hid debt or spending from them. More than a third (33%) of respondents say that debt wouldn’t stop them from being in a relationship, however 29% claim that $10,000 in debt is enough to make them consider ending the relationship. In addition, 11% have been in a romantic relationship that ended due to one person’s debt, spending or other financial challenges.


When it comes to debt and dating, there is often a disconnect between what respondents expect from a romantic partner and what they’re comfortable doing themselves. For example, 85% of respondents believe people should be upfront about debt and spending habits early in a relationship, but 65% also said that it’s ok not to reveal how much debt you have early in a relationship. Likewise, 83% said finding a compatible partner is more important than how much debt they have, but 64% said they wouldn’t want to date someone with a lot of debt. Debt is a barrier to marriage with 71% saying they would want a significant other to pay down debt before they got married.


“In addition to having conversations about individual finances and the amount of debt carried into a relationship, the importance of regular conversation about purchases, especially the big ones, is a must in any partnership,” Kilgore added. “Getting comfortable with financial dialogues is a critical element in a healthy relationship and can be a great foundation for starting a budget, planning toward the next financial goal or taking down debt in stride.”


The data and findings presented are based on an Achieve survey conducted in January 2024 consisting of 1,000 U.S. consumers ages 18 and older, and is representative of Census Bureau benchmarks of the U.S. population for age, gender, race and ethnicity.

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