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SOC 5 surprisingly simple budgeting tips to save money for the holidays V3-R1 1280x720 01

4 hacks to save money during the holidays

Organizing your holiday spending is a great way to increase holiday joy. Right now is a great time to plan out...

SOC Smart borrowing tips with home equity loan V3-R2 1280x720 01

Is it wise to take on a new loan when you have debt?

It’s always smart to approach new debt cautiously especially when you already have debt you’re working to pay ...

SOC Debt shaming story-Shaneequa Canon V1-R2 1280x720 01

From classroom to crisis: A teacher’s debt journey

From a pit of financial despair, it was almost impossible to see any light at the end of the tunnel. Shaneequa...

SOC Refinancing home and job loss story V1-R1 1280x720 01

How my HELOC saved me after a layoff

Protecting yourself from possible financial struggles that haven’t happened yet is nothing short of brilliant....

SOC 2023 10 13 5 steps to deal with a government shutdown V3-R2 1280x720 01

5 steps to stay afloat in a government shutdown

Whenever a government shutdown looms, millions of government workers, contractors, and military servicemembers...

SOC Get back on track after debt tips V1-R2 1280x720 04 (1)

4 tips one woman used to pay off her credit card debt in 2 years

Debt isn’t forever, even if it feels like you’ll never be free.

SOC 2023 10 11 Member Stories Kevin achieve resolution V1-R1.ai 1280x720 01

Learn how this freelancer got rid of over $17,000 in credit card debt

Nobody ever said that following your dreams would be easy. 

SOC Real debt shaming stories V1-R1 1280x720 01

Our debt shame became a hopeful future

Eight years ago, my wife and I received a call from our foster care case manager that our foster son’s biological...

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