New Money App from Achieve Guides Consumers to Find and Save More ‘Money Left Over’ Each Month

Most Americans don’t budget, don’t have a solid financial game-plan and struggle to have even $500 in emergency savings, Achieve data shows, with money left over dwindling due to rising prices and interest rates

May 02, 2023


SAN MATEO, Calif. May 2, 2023 — Saving money can be a challenge even in the best of times, but it’s especially difficult in the current economic environment. Almost 60% of Americans, including many people who earn six-figure salaries, are living paycheck to paycheck. To help make building a financial game-plan and saving easier, Achieve, the leader in digital personal finance, has introduced a simple and free money management app to help everyday people who want to get ahead, but who aren’t sure of their next best financial move.

MoLO, short for “Money Left Over,” promises to provide a simple method for users to gain a better understanding of their spending, predict their monthly cash flow and identify unnecessary or non-essential spending to help them reach their financial goals faster. The app is now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The launch of the MoLO app comes at a time when consumers are increasingly feeling the financial strain of inflation and higher interest rates. Over a quarter of U.S. consumers recently surveyed by Achieve said they had no emergency savings left over each month after paying necessary bills, including food, shelter, utilities, insurance and other essential expenses.

“Most American families have been feeling heightened financial stress as food, housing and gas prices have risen while their earnings have remained relatively stagnant,” said Achieve Co-Founder and Co-CEO Brad Stroh. “People need more help to reach their financial goals, which is why we’re introducing MoLO. The simple and innovative app helps people gain insights, have better control of their spending and identify meaningful ways to free up more money to meet their goals, including building up emergency savings or paying down debt.”

For more than 20 years, Achieve has helped over 1 million people resolve more than $16 billion in debt. By leveraging these insights about how people spend and save, users connect their bank and credit card accounts to the app so MoLO can predict how much money they will have left over every month based on their typical income and spending habits. Users are then challenged to beat the MoLO estimate by being more mindful and intentional about their spending to increase savings and meet their financial goals. MoLO gives users a simple, straightforward view of past and current earning and spending across all of their accounts, enabling them to more accurately budget and find ways to save and improve their overall spending habits.

MoLO is 100% free to use – there are no fees and no third-party ads. Achieve does not sell personal data and financial information is protected using bank-level security technologies.

Key features of Achieve’s MoLO personal finance app include:

  • Predict how much money left over you are expected to have each month

  • Connect all financial accounts —from bank accounts, credit cards, and more — in one powerful money manager for a unified view of your finances

  • Automatically track past and current spending, making time-consuming manual expense entry a thing of the past

  • Organize finances with categories and easily recategorize them

  • Receive custom, personalized notifications to avoid pointless alerts

“We’re trying to encourage people to first get to positive cash flow and THEN apply that extra money left over toward their financial goals,” Stroh said. “By using MoLO, users get a simpler view of their money and know exactly where it’s going each month. Even better, they’re empowered to grow their savings and develop better financial habits. That has the power to truly change lives and move everyday Americans forward on their path toward financial freedom.”

About Achieve

Achieve is the leader in digital personal finance. Our solutions help everyday people get on, and stay on, the path to a better financial future, with innovative technology and personalized support. By leveraging proprietary data and analytics, our solutions are tailored for each step of a consumer’s financial journey and include personal loans, home equity loans and help with debt. In addition, Achieve also provides financial tips and education, including a free specialized mobile app, MoLO (Money Left Over). Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Achieve has nearly 3,000 dedicated teammates across the country with hubs in California, Arizona, Texas and Florida. Achieve is frequently recognized as a Best Place to Work.

Achieve and its affiliates are subsidiaries of Freedom Financial Network Funding, LLC, including, LLC d/b/a (NMLS ID #138464) Equal Housing Lender; Freedom Financial Asset Management, LLC d/b/a Achieve Personal Loans (NMLS ID #227977); Freedom Resolution (NMLS ID #1248929); and Lendage, LLC d/b/a Achieve Loans (NMLS ID #1810501), Equal Housing Lender.

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