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24-48 months

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$15 billion+

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Get rid of your debt and free up your cash flow without a loan or great credit.

How the resolution program works for you

A free debt assessment

A free debt assessment

A personalized plan that works for you.

More cash each month

More cash each month

Your one monthly payment could be lower than your current monthly minimums.

Your debt is done

Your debt is done

Experts deal with your creditors for you. All you need to do is stick to your plan.

A clear path out of debt

Sometimes, all you need is a plan

Proven results, delivered by a team of experts

Fast results

Fast results

More than 60% of members get their first account resolved within three months.

Program guarantee

Program guarantee

Your program is designed to help you succeed. Learn more

Personalized service

Personalized service

On the phone, or on your online dashboard, here for you.

What you should know

What is resolution through Achieve?

Resolution through Achieve is a proven program where a team of experts work with creditors on your behalf to reduce the amount you owe. This allows you to pay off debts faster than making minimum monthly payments and keeps more money in your pocket.1

Get help with credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, and many other types of unsecured debt.1

Depending on your existing credit score, you will likely see your credit score drop during the program. However, a key factor that drives a credit score is debt-to-income ratio. As your debts are resolved, your total debt should decrease, thereby improving your debt-to-income ratio.1

The program guarantee means that if your total program cost and fees are more than the amount of debt you enroll, you can get a refund of the difference, up to 100% of collected fees. Limitations apply.1

Program fees range between 15-25% of the amount of enrolled debt to be resolved. Rates may vary depending on your state of residence.1

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Explore your options

Explore your options

Get a full picture of your options so you can decide what’s best for you.

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