How Achieve MoLO is helping my family save for our dream vacation

By Tamara Campbell

Reviewed by Natasha Pearce

May 18, 2023

Read time: 3 min

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A year ago, the idea of planning a dream family vacation seemed so out of reach. Now, that idea has become a reality. During the pandemic, my husband got laid off from work, and on top of that he got really sick. As a result, we lost our place, and we fell into about $20,000 worth of debt from medical bills. With the help of an Achieve personal loan, we were able to consolidate our debt and get it under control.

Fast forward to today. After three very challenging years of living in an RV, and slowly but surely rebuilding our lives, we were able to purchase our first home. It’s a dream come true for us, and if we can do it, so can you. 

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I was looking for an app to help me manage my finances, and I found that the Achieve MOLO app is so much more than that. Achieve MoLO is a free app that helps you gain insight into your spending habits—so you can see money left over each month in your bank account.

I love that this app keeps me very aware of my money. A few years ago, it was hard to even look at my bank accounts, because there was never any money left over after paying bills. Now we are getting creative so that we can get back to saving for our vacation, and staying on track financially. I have to remind myself that saving is just as exciting as spending. I love that with Achieve MoLO, I get to see exactly where my money is going.  

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My family of six wants to go to Walt Disney World® at the end of the year, and one of my goals is to save enough money for a memorable trip. This is something we have wanted to do for a few years but have not been able to because of lack of finances.  My 4-year-old is thrilled about meeting all of the princesses, and my 12-year-old wants to visit the Animal Kingdom. We’re planning to visit all 4 parks, so I want to save enough money so we can enjoy 1 full day at each park. 

This trip will be amazing because it’s a testament and celebration of my family battling obstacles and supporting each other through it all to come out on the other side. Now, we’re going to celebrate and create new memories at the happiest place on Earth.


Using the Achieve MOLO app is simple and straightforward. By tracking your expenses, creating a budget, and setting financial goals, you can manage your finances more effectively and avoid overspending. The Achieve MOLO app is highly customizable, easy to use, and can sync with your bank account.

Download Achieve MoLO and try it for yourself. I’m really glad that I did. 

Achieve MoLO is now available in both the Apple App Store® and Google Play Store.


*Tamara Campbell has been an Achieve member since 2021. She lives with her husband and two kids in Las Vegas. She is a Finance coach and Life and Annuity expert, but in her spare time she loves going for walks and reading.

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