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Latest Debt Shaming Blog Posts

SOC 2024 01 31 Debt Shame Story Winnie V1-R1 1280x720 05

My lender debt shamed me until I stood up for myself

Winnie sought out a lender who tried to bully and shame her. Now, she uses her story to help others manage their money.

SOC 2023 11 09 Achieve debt shaming story Polly Clover V1-R1 1280x720 01

I’m letting go of debt shaming to create a better financial future

Talking about money and debt can be so…awkward! It doesn’t have to be.

SOC 2023 12 07 Mandy Ellis -debt shame story V2-R2 1280x720 01

My $58K in debt saved my life but left me ashamed

Learn how Mandy got rid of $50k+ of medical debt after her liver transplant.

SOC Debt shaming story-Shaneequa Canon V1-R2 1280x720 01

From classroom to crisis: A teacher’s debt journey

Homelessness and job loss were two reasons for Shaneequa to give up. Instead they gave her strength to seek help.

SOC Real debt shaming stories V1-R1 1280x720 01

Our debt shame became a hopeful future

One foster mom’s choice to care for kids in need while struggling with debt shows that good people can have debt too.

SOC 5 Common debt shaming myths to debunk in 2023 V3-R1 1280x720 01

5 common debt shaming myths to debunk in 2023

Yes, you have debt but your life isn’t less valuable because of it. Let's squash these debt shaming myths now.

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