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SOC 2024 02 14 Real Conversations You Should Have About Debt V2-R1 outlined 1280x720 01

3 questions that can redefine your relationship with debt

That knight on a steed who can solve all your financial problems? It’s you. This is square one.

SOC 2024 02 12 Debt Shaming Story Jules V1-R2 1280x720 01

Wife discovers husband had hidden $40,000 in debt for 3 years

This wife discovered that her husband was hiding a huge debt. Now, they’re working together to knock it down for good.

SOC Debt Conversations While Dating V1-R2 1280x720 01

4 tips to approach the “debt talk” while dating

Kids or no kids and how to manage debt: everything you should discuss before you get serious in your relationship.

SOC Reasons why you-re overspending during the holidays V1-R1 1280x720 01

Unwrapping the truth: why holiday spending skyrockets

Eggnog hangover, spending hangover. Both bad. One solution is hydration. The other is right here.

SOC 4 signs you are committing financial infidelity V2-R2 1280x720 01

4 signs you’re financially cheating on yourself

Are you having a love affair with spending? It may be time to recommit to yourself.

SOC 2023 10 13 Financial lessons I learned after going through a divorce V5-R2 1280x720 01

5 financial lessons I learned after going through a divorce

Divorce can feel like an emotional and financial shock especially when you aren’t prepared for the worst case scenario.

SOC 4 signs impulse buying is putting you in a debt hole V1-R2 1280x720 03

4 signs impulse buying is putting you in a debt trap

Put debt in check by getting a handle on impulse spending.

SOC What does financial independence mean for you V3-R2 1280x720 01

Redefine what financial freedom means for you and your bank account

It’s not about living a life without debt—ask yourself what would make you feel more independent with your money.

SOC 5 Ways to budget for a wedding as a guest V4-R1 1280x720 01

5 ways to budget for a wedding as a guest

The season of L-O-V-E is here! Ready to say I DO to the invite? Double-check that you'll only catch a vibe and not debt.

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