Making ends meet, healthcare hang in the balance of the 2024 election, according to Achieve Election Tracker

From housing and healthcare to job security and higher education, a new survey by Achieve examines which personal finance issues Americans are paying attention to on Super Tuesday and in the November elections.

March 05, 2024

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 5, 2024 — Two-thirds of Americans believe the ability to make ends meet is the most consequential personal finance issue at stake in the 2024 election, according to the results of a new survey by Achieve, the leader in digital personal finance. And with voters from 15 states soon heading to the polls for Super Tuesday primaries, the study found that 65% say healthcare access and affordability is the financial concern that has the most influence over how they will vote.

The new Achieve Election Tracker also revealed that student loans and higher education affordability are now low-priority issues for most Americans. This is in sharp contrast to the 2022 midterms, when the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan — and subsequent efforts to stymie the initiative — was a central theme of the election.

Thinking Big Picture

In the survey, Achieve presented 12 personal finance issues and asked respondents to rank them based on which will be most affected by the outcome of the election. “Making ends meet” was the highest-ranked financial concern, with 66% of respondents ranking it among the top six issues, including 46% of respondents who ranked it in their top three. Healthcare access and affordability was another leading issue, with 63% of respondents ranking it in their top six, including 34% who said it was a top-three issue.

“Inflation, interest rates and rising household debt have put American household finances at the forefront of the 2024 election,” said Achieve Co-Founder and Co-CEO Andrew Housser. “A robust gross domestic product and low unemployment point to a strong economy, but many everyday people are still struggling. It’s understandable that so many Americans expect their elected officials to tackle these challenges.”

Other financial issues that Americans believe will be influenced by the 2024 election are frequently tied to long-term personal goals, like the ability to own a home and the ability to adequately save for retirement. Respondents also expect the election to have a strong influence over gas and vehicle prices, as well as access to public transportation, which was the fourth-highest ranked financial category. Conversely, respondents were less likely to believe the election will greatly influence their employment options and earnings potential.


Banking on the Ballot

Respondents were also presented with the same 12 personal finance issues and asked to rank them based on how important they are in determining how they will vote in the 2024 election. There were only slight differences between the two questions. For example, 65% of respondents ranked healthcare among their top six factors, including 38% who ranked it top-three. Meanwhile, 64% ranked making ends meet in their top six, with 45% ranking the issue among their top three.

Other notable findings are the heightened emphasis that respondents put on their households’ overall debt, which was the third highest-ranked issue for how respondents say they’ll vote; 58% ranked it in their top six. Meanwhile, 52% of respondents ranked the same topic among their top six issues they believe will be affected by the results of the election.


Achieve Election Tracker Methodology

The Achieve Election Tracker is a new survey that seeks to understand Americans’ attitudes about the upcoming election through the lens of their most pressing financial concerns. To do this, Achieve presented respondents with a dozen financial priorities and asked them to rank them in response to two questions:

Which of the following do you think will be most affected by the outcome of the November 2024 election? How important are the following to how you think you will vote in the November 2024 election?

The financial needs addressed in the Achieve Election Tracker include housing, transportation, employment, income, healthcare, education and financial inclusion. The team from Achieve’s think tank, the Achieve Center for Consumer Insights, intends to periodically revisit these topics and provide updates throughout the ongoing election cycle. The data and findings presented are based on an Achieve survey conducted in January 2024 consisting of 1,000 U.S. consumers ages 18 and older, and is representative of Census Bureau benchmarks of the U.S. population for age, gender, race and ethnicity.

About the Achieve Center for Consumer Insights

The Achieve Center for Consumer Insights is a think tank that leverages Achieve’s team of digital personal finance experts to provide a view into the state of consumer finances. In addition to sharing insights gleaned from Achieve’s proprietary data and analytics, the Achieve Center for Consumer Insights publishes in-depth research, bespoke data and thoughtful commentary in support of Achieve’s mission of helping everyday people get on the path to a better financial future.

About Achieve

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