4 money hacks to save on moving this summer

By Natasha Pearce

Reviewed by Kimberly Rotter

Aug 02, 2023

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Last year I made the choice to leave the Bay Area and move back to Southern California to be closer to my family and friends. I took my time searching for my next home, but the moment I said yes, I had 30 days to move. The hustle wasn’t optional. There was no money in the budget to pay for two places to live. 

As exciting as it was to begin a new chapter in a new city, I wasn’t prepared for how quick and costly the move would be.

Hindsight is 20–20. Even with an allocated budget and savings plan, I missed several opportunities to end up with more money in my pocket. 

The lessons I learned could help you if you are planning to move this summer.

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Negotiate with the movers to save money

If you’re planning to hire a moving company to help you, take the time to do some research to get the best deal. 

You might save money if you negotiate your final moving costs by price matching. I was surprised to discover that several moving companies were willing to come down on their pricing once I mentioned that I had found a better deal with a competitor. 

Did you know that you can also rent your moving boxes? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on cardboard boxes, moving crates are a more popular and eco-friendly option. Companies like Uhaul rent them. Packing crates are more cost-effective than buying your own boxes. Plus, think about how much waste you won’t be creating. 

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Lighten the load without increasing your cost

As the date for my summer move inched closer, I started making notes of what I wanted to bring with me to my new place and what I needed to say goodbye to. Out with the old, in with the new.

But getting rid of stuff usually costs money. Here are some costs you might not be expecting and some ideas for avoiding them: 

Large trash removal fees

Get trash hauling estimates early on in your moving process and add this line item to your budget. During the summer season, the cost to remove large items can increase due to popularity.

Cut moving costs and trash hauling costs by donating as much as you can. If you have furniture to get rid of, call a local charity to find out if they’ll pick it up for free. Charities don’t want things they can’t sell, so only donate clean items in good working condition.

Household essentials (new bathroom and kitchen accessories)

Splurging on new housewares is fun, but it’s not necessary. 

Focus on purchasing only the necessities per room. Save even more money by shopping at secondhand stores for items like kitchenware. You have a lifetime to build a collection of things you want to keep.

Online seller fees for furniture and other household goods

When you sell on eBay or through consignment shops, part of the revenue goes to the platform or store. 

Use free sources like Facebook marketplace or even your own Instagram and Twitter community to find people who may be interested in buying your for sale items. 

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Save money with deep cleaning 

Let’s be honest. You can easily save money by cleaning your home when you move. But in most states you’re responsible for returning the unit as clean as you got it, and that usually means very, very clean. Deep cleaning takes longer than an afternoon. 

I chose to pay for a cleaning service to complete a move-out clean to save on time. Unfortunately, I still ended up being charged by my landlord because the cleaning wasn’t pristine. 

To DIY it, I needed to start earlier. 

Some of those forgotten areas that we all neglect during a regular clean could use extra attention before you move out. As the date gets closer to your move, spend a few days cleaning, painting, and repairing things around the house that could decrease your rental deposit refund.

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Get organized early

Seriously, the earlier that you can begin organizing your move, the better. I can not stress this enough. The 30 days leading up to my move date were extremely stressful for me. Scheduling services like movers, cleaning, and even home repairs can book up quickly since summer is a very popular time to move. 

One thing I found out during my move is that moving costs can be lower on weekdays vs. weekends. So if you can, schedule your move Monday–Thursday.

Start budgeting for your move early so you can begin to save properly. The Achieve MoLO app is a free and easy tool to keep you on track with your spending so you can find more money left over at the end of each month.

If you're looking for extra funds for your upcoming move, a personal loan could be a good solution.

Moving can be stressful, but with proper planning, you can have a more enjoyable experience. 

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