Meet MoLO: App Innovation for the Future of Finances

By Travis Bjorklund

Feb 02, 2023

Meet the MoLO app

Big news! We just launched our initial version of our MoLO app to the public for both Apple and Android phones. 

What is MoLO? MoLO stands for Money Left Over and is the first mobile app built internally by Achieve. This 100% free app is designed to be a consumer’s daily partner for personal finances, illuminating and guiding them to the best decisions based on an individual’s personalized financial path.

What problems are we seeking to solve for consumers? Consumer finance is inherently hard and very fragmented. Consumers have lots of accounts and transact multiple times a day, so it can be difficult for them to discern how it all adds up. In our extensive research, we’ve learned that our consumers struggle to understand where and how they are spending and how it relates to their budget or their cash flow. Also, we learned that existing apps often fail to help them adopt healthy habits.

How does MoLO help simplify finance for our consumers? MoLO focuses on helping consumers have more money left over every month. Unlike other money apps, which tend to focus on historical data, MoLO not only tracks your money, it predicts whether you’ll have money left over and how much, and it gives a non-judgmental analysis of your past spending. MoLO keeps it simple, provides you with personalized money insights, and offers habit-building engagements that make financial decisions easy. 

One of our early adopters said, “I have to say I am impressed with the app as I participated in the prelaunch. Being that I have become almost debt free since I started at Achieve I thought I was doing pretty good; however, MoLO helped me realize that I was spending 6K+ per year on Starbucks!! Never again!! Thank you for this powerful tool!!”

So what’s our ask? Download the app, connect your accounts, and let us know how it’s working! What new features would help you have more money left over? What’s annoying? Tell us! Email your feedback to [email protected]

No matter what you do, download, connect, and share your valuable feedback to make MoLO better for future users! It’s completely free!

Travis Bjorklund

Principal Product Manager

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