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By Rebecca Lake

Reviewed by Kimberly Rotter

Oct 27, 2023

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Achieve Resolution is a solution to overwhelming debt problems. If you have debt, even debt that’s too much for you to handle, you’re not alone. 

Debt is everywhere. It’s a burden that can keep you from living the life you want. Besides affecting your economic success, debt can affect your sleep, your relationships, and even your physical and mental health. 

When you're bogged down with debt, finding any kind of solution can feel impossible. It's easy to feel suffocated and spend sleepless nights stressing over how you'll keep up—much less ever pay it off. If you’re also dodging phone calls from debt collectors or avoiding outings with friends for fear of them finding out that you're struggling financially, it’s normal to feel low. Searching for options may leave you feeling desperate, confused, and even skeptical that a way out of your debt hole exists at all.

But there’s a solution. Imagine what it could feel like when your debts are gone.

Achieve Resolution could help you turn things around. 

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What is Achieve Resolution?

In a nutshell, Achieve Resolution is a proven program that’s designed to help people who are struggling because they can’t afford to fully repay their debts. It’s for everyday people who find themselves with a financial hardship that leaves them unable to repay credit card debts, medical bills, or other high-interest debts.

Achieve Resolution offers a solution for reducing unsecured debts when you're having difficulty keeping up with payments or have already fallen behind. 

The Achieve Resolution program may not be suitable for everyone, as everyone's debt situation is different. But it's something you might consider if you'd like to get closer to a debt-free life

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How Achieve Resolution works

Achieve Resolution works by helping you resolve your debt for less than you owe. Achieve's experts negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to reduce your debt, with a customized plan tailored to your needs and budget.  

How does that benefit you? Achieve Resolution could help you to:

  • Reduce the total amount you pay to your creditors. 

  • Free up cash each month by allowing you to make one affordable payment. 

  • Get rid of debt in two to four years, which may be faster than your current repayment pace. 

  • Reduce stress and take your financial life in a more positive direction. 

There are no upfront fees. You won’t be charged for services until Achieve successfully negotiates a debt, you agree to the terms, and the debt is paid at the agreed-upon amount. 

When you work with Achieve, you’ll talk to real people who genuinely care and want to help you—and who'll advocate on your behalf, from start to finish. 

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Who should consider Achieve Resolution

Achieve Resolution may be a good option for people who are ready to get rid of debt, but can’t afford to repay their debts in full. Achieve Resolution is a good alternative for people who don’t qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and who don’t want to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It’s also an ideal solution for someone who isn’t comfortable negotiating with creditors on their own—we have a team of debt experts who could do this for you. Since Achieve Resolution is a serious solution to big debt problems, people with less than $7,500 in debt might not be eligible. 

Achieve Resolution isn't a loan, and you don't need good credit to be eligible. What you will need is a commitment to stick to your customized debt resolution plan. 

Achieve aims to make that part as easy as possible, so that you're able to realize your goal of reducing debt. Once your first debt is resolved through the program, you might discover that regardless of how dark the tunnel has been so far, there's a light at the end of it. 

If you're ready to learn more about how Achieve Resolution might help you, schedule your free debt assessment today.

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Rebecca is a senior contributing writer and debt expert. She's a Certified Educator in Personal Finance and a banking expert for Forbes Advisor. In addition to writing for online publications, Rebecca owns a personal finance website dedicated to teaching women how to take control of their money.

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